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It is both the place that I come to write about art and is an art project itself


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Marketing off social media
What shapes and creative containers can your offerings exist as?
Inspiring Art Stories
The Feeling of Finishing
The Darkest Days
The Hardest Part of Writing

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I’m Cody (formerly Marlee Grace) a writer and artist who has been writing a digital newsletter since 2013, weekly since 2017. I made a digital class called NEWSLETTER CLASS and you can take it anytime and make your own.


I wrote the book How To Not Always Be Working which has sold over 41k physical copies and 5k of e-books and audio books which came out in 2018 and Getting To Center : Pathways to Finding Yourself Within the Great Unknown in 2020

You can find more of my favorite books here

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I also a host a group for writers called Landscapes where we meet twice a week on zoom and write. There are monthly guest teachers and it is a very special place.

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Cody Cook-Parrott (they/them) is a writer, dancer, quilter, and the author of How to Not Always Be Working and Getting to Center. They host Landscapes : a twice a week writing group for all genres